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More Hockey Stick Tricks

For those that have seen Al Gore’s (in)famous film on global warming, they will no doubt remember the hockey stick chart, where Al Gore ascends on a forklift. The hockey stick chart was promoted by Al Gore and the IPCC as a ‘smoking gun’ of climate change, and perhaps still resides in popular imagination in this role.

Unfortunately, for the anthropogenic global warming thesis, the hockey stick chart was long ago discredited by Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick ( see here for a peer-reviewed paper, here for a summary, and here for a presentation to the US government). Then came climategate, and the notorious attempts to hide and block skeptic views from being published and the attempts to block McIntyre and McKitrick (here for a summary of some of the revelations), and the attempts to manipulate results to create the hockey stick.

Following climategate, there were whitewash investigations of the ‘scientists’ involved in the dodgy practices revealed by the climategate emails (see here for Ross McKitrick’s summary). There is more though, with Steve McIntyre’s tirelessly unearthing new evidence of the ways in which the investigations were a whitewash, which can be found at the Climate Audit website. It all makes rather depressing reading.

As if this rather sordid story of scientific misconduct, and attempts to cover up scientific wrongdoing, were not enough, there are yet more revelations on data manipulation in the construction of the hockey stick chart. This from the climate audit website:

The day before yesterday, I reported that Briffa and Osborn (Science 1999) had not just deleted the post=1960 decline (see also CA here), but had deleted the pre-1550 portion as well – the deletions contributing to an unwarranted rhetorical impression of consistency between the reconstructions, an impression that was capitalized upon in the commentary in the running text of Briffa and Osborn 1999.

However, the best way to view the problem is with the chart that is supplied along with the text:


As you will see from the chart, there are two sections of data that have been deleted without any explanation – the deleted data on the right is the ‘hide the decline’ that is discussed in the climategate emails, and the central deleted data is the latest revelation. Anthony Watts, on the Watts up with that blog, reasonably has the following to say of this new example of misleading use of data.

As I’ve written elsewhere, this sort of truncation can be characterized as research misconduct – specifically falsification. But where are the academic cops? Any comment from Science magazine?

This is yet more evidence of the shabby behaviour on the part of so-called climate ‘scientists’. How many exposures of these kinds of ‘tricks’ will it take before the academic institutions and journals finally do something about this kind of misconduct? Thanks to the tireless efforts of those at Climate Audit, there will no doubt be further revelations to come….