Some Sense on the Kyoto Protocol?

For once, good news. This from the New Zealand Herald:

New Zealand will not sign up for fresh commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, Climate Change Minister Tim Groser announced yesterday.

The climate change treaty’s first commitment period expires at the end of the year and New Zealand expects to slightly exceed its target.

Greenpeace is condemning the move as embarrassing, just as Australia is renewing its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate Campaigner Simon Boxer says that what is most telling is that our nearest neighbour Australia, a latecomer to Kyoto and a hugely coal dependent economy, is renewing its commitment.

So, the argument seems to be that, if Australia is doing x, we should likewise do the same in New Zealand. An interesting argument??? Or perhaps a hopeless argument; in particular, why follow Australia when other countries such as Japan set the opposite example to follow? In other words, New Zealand should follow its own policy, and do so on the facts of the case. The problem is that the so-called facts about catastrophic anthropogenic climate change are increasingly being challenged, and found wanting.

Perhaps this is the reason for the argument that New Zealand should follow the lead of Australia? In the meantime, Kyoto or no Kyoto, New Zealand continues to press ahead on policies that still rely on the fear of catastrophic global warming / climate change / ‘dirty weather’ / dirty catastrophic weather / nasty humans as infestations etc., and the cost to the New Zealand economy will continue to mount. As such, a small step forwards, but at least it is a step forwards……


3 responses to “Some Sense on the Kyoto Protocol?

  1. I wonder, from time to time, whether our government is simply drifting with the tide of political expediency, not believing one argument or the other, but doing what they think advances NZ interests in trade or whatever. If that is what they are doing should we be critical?


    • Hi Roger, thanks for the comment. I am not sure how the policy responding to the climate scare might be in the interest of New Zealand. I would welcome further thoughts from you (or other readers).

  2. I don’t think the National party ever bought into the climate change agenda. The ETS and other policy responses were just platitudes

    At least there is clear blue water between National and the opposition. The public actually have a choice at the next election, unlike the British public whose “government’ are merely following EU directives

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