More on Wind Farms

Just a very quick post as a follow-up to my post on wind energy a few weeks ago. I highlighted the high cost of wind energy, including the problems of integrating the wind energy with the grid. I have just found this article from the BBC, which is discussing the problems of wind energy integration for wind farms in Scotland:

Dr Lee Moroney, planning director for the REF, which has criticised subsidies to the renewable sector in the past, said: “The variability of wind power poses grid management problems for which there are no cheap solutions.”


“Government must rethink the scale and pace of wind power development before the costs of managing it become intolerable and the scale of the waste scandalous.”


He added: “In future we need greater electrical energy storage facilities and greater interconnection with our EU neighbours so that excess energy supplies can be sold or bought where required.”

Notably, the article details subsidies paid to wind farms to not produce energy, for which there was no demand, and no way to store the energy. The solution; spend ever more money on storage and interconnections with other countries. It is a good exemplar of the problems that I discussed in the original post. However, it seems that politicians are keen to press on with ever more expensive and largely useless wind farms.


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