A Leading Scientist?

As some light relief, this is a video that references a blog article from No Frakking Consensus:

To get the full picture, you may wish to take a look at the full blog post with an extract published below.

Since then, a picture that already seemed murky has become even more clouded. Kovats has had her PhD for less than one calendar year. Yet she has already filled numerous IPCC roles, is a senior lecturer at an institution of higher learning, is chairperson of her school’s Centre on Global Change and Health, and is a member of the steering committee of a health and climate change project funded by the United Nations.

We’re told the IPCC is comprised of top scientists. In the case of Kovats, it appears that it was actually her IPCC participation that convinced the wider community that she’s an expert. This is totally improper. It represents a complete inversion of how things are supposed to work.

So when are Kovats, the IPCC, and the British government all going to admit that she is far from being a world-class scientific expert?

It does all seem a little bit murky. Perhaps there will be clarification to come.


One response to “A Leading Scientist?

  1. Richard C (NZ)

    Fact checking the latest IPCC AR4 report is more an exercise in finding the exception than it is finding the rule. Kovats is probably one of the better credentialed. First on the list of “2500 scientists”:-

    BERNSTEIN, Lenny
    L.S. Bernstein & Associates, L.L.C.

    A lawyer.

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